Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I've had the morning to myself to reflect and get ready for today. I'm feeling quite emotional because I am so blessed. I have amazing kids, wonderful family and friends and the most amazing man who dearly loves me.

Honestly, I am most excited about all the Christmas surprises tomorrow! I am hoping some of you will comment here about your gifts. I feel so giddy just thinking about it!

My Christmas cards JUST went out - the last of them yesterday lol. In a few days I will post both of them since I made 2 different styles. Leave me some comments so I know you loved them. :)

Enjoy today and tomorrow with your loved ones and don't forget about those who might not have families in the area to visit.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying all of their holiday preparations. I have been doing my shopping a little at a time and lots online. I don't care much for going to the stores this time of the year - people are so cranky! C'mon people, it is Christmas so at least pretend you are full of holiday cheer haha. We are all so busy and have way too much to do, but we should all sit back and remember why we are celebrating this month and we should all enjoy being with our families. Right now my life is crazy with my business and raising and providing for my children alone, but I do not let any of that get the best of me. Usually. LOL!

That said, I have the best clients ever! I have truly enjoyed seeing all of you the past few months and making your portraits and holiday cards. I will post a bunch after Christmas since so many are surprises. I wish I could be in many of your homes Christmas morning to see your faces! Email me and let me know how you loved your gifts. :-)

I have a few really fun Limited Edition sessions coming up soon, but first I am taking a break for a little bit. Just a little one since I am shooting a wedding 2 days after Christmas and doing a family portrait 3 days after. I am also going to visit some family out of town.

So, go check out my Elf morphing - it is soooo funny! Mark said it was embarrassing. I wonder if he will be embarrassed that I posted it for you all to see! hehe. Don't tell him.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Oh, and expect my Christmas card after Christmas lol. I made some really cool ones so it will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sweet Family

This is one loved baby boy! Don't these parents look happy?!