Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween Photos

Here are some images from Halloween. Madison had fun at her school party and was elated the night our dear friends "boo'd" us. They left tons of fun treats on our front porch, rang the doorbell and RAN! Each of the kids received a big bag of of goodies. It was so nice of them!

The first picture is Shelby, dressed as a fairy in purple, and her friends trick-or-treating.


SuperDewa said...

Love the fairies walking down the street. These are fun photos. Love the "boo"ing idea.

Kate said...

Those are so cute!
looks like everyone had a great halloween.
Love that 'boo' idea. I always forget about it.

Anonymous said...

just checked out your work,very beautiful!
I want you to make me pretty,too!♥