Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet Tyler

Tyler is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with a Brainstem Ganglioglioma at the age of 3. He has completed one 52 week protocol of chemotherapy.

This is the sweetest family you could ever meet. No little boy should ever, ever have to endure something like Tyler is...and no parent should ever have to watch their little boy fight such a horrific disease. Brain cancer has hit my life more than once so I am quite familiar with the symptoms and the heartache.

The first image is my favorite. I love how mom is leaning into her son and how dad has his arm wrapped tightly around Tyler's body and he is leaning in so relaxed. There is so much in Tyler's eyes and so much hope, pain and love in mom and dad's.

Please visit Tyler's page the first chance you get:

I know the family loves reading the guestbook so go ahead and sign it for them to read! Tyler loves the messages and I know big brother, Nate, does too. I'm sure he could use a little attention from old and new friends.


Jen Martin said...

Oh my gosh Lisa! These pictures are beautiful. I love the one with all three kids too. I'll be saying some prayers for their family. I cannot imagine the strength they must have.

Catt said...

Thank you for giving this family such beautiful memories. These pictures are sure to be enjoyed over and over in the future.

I've looked at your other work on your website, it is all lovely.